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Singulatrix offers the brand devices

When you choose us, you have access to custom built and branded computer systems using both Intel(tm) and AMD(tm) processors, and a wide range of products and services to enhance your computing experience every day. Whether your passion is gaming, productivity, media, or a mix of uses, you can get the perfect system from Horizon Computer System

Our Products

Singulatrix system

Complete system

Singulatrix Laptop

New Laptops

Singulatrix CPU

Assembled CPU

Singulatrix Monitors

New Monitors

Singulatrix Printer

InkJet printer

Singulatrix Printer

LaserJet Printer

Singulatrix Scanners


Singulatrix routers

Network Routers

Singulatrix Keyboards

Keyboard & Mouse

Singulatrix Speakers

System Speakers

Singulatrix HDD

Portable Hard disk


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